Use NFC Capability To Open AppSheet App

I am very new to AppSheet, and super excited to have found it. There is still so much to learn, and I’m in the process of designing a conversion of an Excel VBA project to an AppSheet app in an effort to make it mobile. I wa struggling with how to do this … too old to learn new advanced coding, and running out of time, and unable to find alternative options to access data and change data to/from a cloud based dataset among many users. This looks very promising!

Now thge question. Am I able to utilize the NFC function in the app, with an NFC capable device to “wake” up an AppSheet app?

For example, our employees have an NFC swipe card containing their employee number. I want to use AppSheet to track our employees clock in and clock out times. Could I have our employee tap their id card to open the appsheet app (kind of like an auto login), have the app capture the time of the tap, and write it to the database as the clock in time?

Answered my own question I think.
Yes … provided the tag is programmed with a URL.

You can use this functionality to write your app’s URL to a tag. When users scan the NFC tag, your app will be opened on their browser. If AppSheet is installed on the device and the system settings allow it, your app will open on the user’s AppSheet app itself.

Sadly, we rely on iOS devices for which this won’t work. :frowning:

Might not help now, but the new iphones DO support NFC capabilities!

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