Use of other than WGS84 coordinates

For the app i’m creating I need coordinates in a different format than WGS84. Please make more formats available, this would really help me out.
Its the final step in completing my app.


In which format you need your lat/long value?

For me in The Netherlands, i would like EPSG:28992 (RDnew)
more info

But I would assume more other formats my be wishful for others.

Though AppSheet does not offer a GPS system other than WGS 84 right at the moment, as far as my research it’s quite doable with webhook scripting.

That would be far beyond my experience and knowhow. any read on the matter? or tips?

I will try to sort out something in my sample app for you but frankly I have never tried this before so I cannot promise for a success though I’m an expert at scripting. Will ping you under this post when I complete and test it. Let me investigate it a bit from the web page you have forwarded.