Use same data in google sheet on 2 app

I created one app which uses google spreadsheet as its database, later I copied this app into another app and used the same data. Now I look at the data on google drive which I have to store both apps, which I understand. But not like that, I can’t see the information the app copied, please help me, what to do I was very confused.

Hi @allow

Please have a look into your table (Data Section), and look for:
Storage/Source Path, then pick “Browse for more data” ==> you then can select which Google Sheets you want your app to take informations from.

Let us know if that works for you

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Thanks for your advise.It worked.

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In case of copying the app and using the same data, but there is one more issue: I have another 1app. This app is not copied, but made up of all 3 app data, but I can’t see all data in 3 apps.Could someone please help?

Did you try to do the same operations from your last app ?
Please check “solution” if the answer solved your issue

I tried but I can’t see data for every app. Previous workarounds were not applicable. So strange, why didn’t someone help please?

I looked at Table > Storage > Source Id differently. I tried re-selecting to google drive where source Id was not the last one.