"Use tabs in mobile view" with "Interactive dashboard" automation request


Inside of a dashboard, if I’ve got both:

  • Interactive Mode; and
  • Use tabs in mobile view

turned on…

…it would be nice if when a user taps on an inline view option, for the system to automatically push the user into the detail view.

As always, thanks for considering! (^_^)

This is absolutely making sense to me. (sorry, I run out my vote…)

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me too.

I went through and cleared some older ones out once…

May I ask… if you want that kind of behavior, why don’t you use just a normal table view?

Or… do you want that just with the mobile device, and the behavior would be different than with the browser?

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I could do that yes, but then I would have to create that view and the conditionality of only showing it on mobile.

My thought was that since there’s a nice little switch to turn that sort of functionality on inside a dashboard - it’d be nice for some smoother operation as well; one last tap for the user to do. :slight_smile:


In general those two toggles don’t play nice together… An interactive dashboard, but with tabs, creates a pretty strange user experience…