User adding Images as URLs or File Uploads

Having trouble figuring out a way to be able to allow the user to add an image either as a file upload or by entering a URL. Current thinking is to have two fields [Image URL] and [Image File] with a Virtual Column [_Display Image] that picks the non-empty option between those 2 and displays the image.

The issue is that [Image URL] needs to be a column of type Image for [_Display Image] not to complain about mismatched types, but that means that the user input on the form is image specific (not allowing entry of a URL) for that field. Likewise it doesn’t appear that I can typecast a URL field into an Image with something like IMAGE([Image URL]) in the virtual column formula. What’s the right way to do this? How do you allow the user to specify an image with a URL in the first place?

Any help much appreciated. Thanks!

Instead of Image([Image URL]), which does not exist in appsheet, make a virtual column with text([Image URL]) expression and set it to image type field, then you will see image out of URL.

That’ll do it–thanks!

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