User Auth - Google Cloud Identity Platform

I would like to see Google Cloud: Identity Platform integrated as a source for authentication.

@praveen curious if/where this is on the road map.

We made the leap, and are moving away from Oracle Cloud, and into Google Cloud, and currently we’re using AWS exclusively for Cognito. It’s the only thing that we have AWS for… Well, we do use IAM, API Gateway, and Lambda to effect Cognito.

If we could use Google Identity, then we would be fully Google Cloud.

Hi Grant, congrats on the move away from Oracle Cloud :]

Yes. GCP Identity Platform is on the near-term roadmap, as is the Firebase Identity Provider.

Adding @Scott_Haaland and @vinothp FYI


That’s awesome to hear!
I know we use Firebase for notifications, what would make me want to use one over the other?

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Generally speaking, GCP Identity Platform is the richer solution.


Awesome documentation is one of the main reasons that we’re moving to Google Cloud…
Thanks for pointing me to that article!

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@Scott_Haaland Let me know if/when you need some testing :wink:


@Jonathon and @Stefan_Quartemont

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Very cool!!! I’m watching this one.

I know some of our customers would like to move off of Cognito if possible and have deeper integration with GCP for centralized billing for the various supporting services they use to augment AppSheet.


@Stefan_Quartemont @Grant_Stead - Please send me customer names and any use cases (like, which GCP services are they using with AppSheet, how does their Auth model work, etc…) offline via email. shaaland at google dot com

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I don’t have any specific customers that currently “care” what auth we use… (We are using AWS Cognito because it’s a separate auth pool, so it is agnostic, meaning I can sign someone up with an @yahoo email…)

I guess in this case, I am the customer, and being that we’re on the google cloud stack now, and AWS Cognito is the only reason we’re on the AWS stack, we would prefer be completely off AWS. (I’m sure that GC would prefer us be off AWS as well… LOL)