User based selection in form

We have created an application for managing the daily trip of 5 truck. I have added a table named as “daily trip” and the table have a " Form". Each truck have separate user login.

In the form, second option for selecting the truck. For that I have created a enum list for trucks. My issue is for every driver login the application. The driver can see the five trucks.

This one I want to change to, if one driver login the particular driver can see only that particular truck.

Right now if a driver log in the form will show all the five truck.

User login details and form details are metioned below

I think you’re interested in security filters. See Limiting Users to Their Own Data | AppSheet Help Center for more info.

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Can you please help me to how can i do this

I suggested many (if not all) of the expressions you’d need to solve this in your identical post here:

Did you try or read anything, or are you just expecting someone to write the expression for you?


I have go through it but i can’t understand how to do that. That’s why I’m asking


Could you please help me for this