User can only sync when no changes are made

I have multiple users (on the same network, I’m assuming) experiencing issues when synchronizing an AppSheet app they’re using. One of them reports that he’s able to sync when there are no changes to be synced (which makes me doubt how much the app really syncs), but when a change is made, such as deleting, editing or adding a record, it won’t complete the sync. It is simply stuck in the synchronizing/saving screen.

Interestingly enough, I’m able to sync just fine, with and without changes.

Another user encountered an error message when trying to sync:

This very much sounds like a server issue at AppSheet, though I do not know whether this error message is related to the issue described above as the other users seemingly haven’t gotten it. Also because I am able to sync which I guess I shouldn’t be able to if the AppSheet servers were the cause. Unless they’re quite unstable for the moment?

Does anyone have an idea of what could be the issue here?

Please contact for help with this.


On the other day, I reported this errors, and we still keep seeing the same error messages, and other community member does.

Obviously something goes wrong!!!

Even today, I see this errors quite a few times, but it will not interfere our activities to develop app, but just annoying to see this error (or alert?) often during a day.


I’ve contacted support and will post the response/solution/cause in this thread when/if I recieve one

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Yeah unfortunately it seems like the users of this app are completely unable to sync any changes, so it is quite serious. But still too early to tell the cause of this particular issue.

I see this bloody errors on emulator, preview of the app rather than production app.
None of my end user of my apps are reporting this errors.
Based on this fact, this error is connected to emulator and appsheet editor specifc???

Just a guess, but pretty much annoying to encounter this errors all the time for the last few days.