User count with an appsheet map embedded on a website

How are users being counted when I’ve got an app with a single map view embedded in a website? No sign in required on the app and no permissions requested.

Is every visitor to the site counted as an individual guest to the app? Or is every time the site is refreshed and a call is made to the app, is this considered a new guest? I’m trying to find a google map app that I can post on a site that will update from a google sheet. Appsheet works perfect but if I get 100 visitors I just spent $1,000!

You don’t pay per user on a Public (no sign in) app.

Does that mean I just have to deploy it for more than 10 users? I received a warning when I had 11 guests. I hadn’t deployed it at the time so just want to make sure this is all I needed to do to keep the app running.

Ah! Found my answer:

Publicly accessible applications that don’t contain sensitive data and don’t require user sign-in can be created with an AppSheet Publisher Pro subscription. These apps include the feature sets of the AppSheet Core Plan, but do not include user sign-in options or the use of security filters. Publisher Pro apps can be used by an unlimited number of users for $50/mo/app.

So I’m still on the hook for $50/month.