User Data Restrictions


I have 3 tables [(1) list of objects], [(2) is a form with useremail & object headers] and [(3) a lister of the appusers]. What I would like to do is only show the list of objects in table 1 provided their useremail appears in table 3. Is this possible? How?

Thank you for your response.

I still am not able to achieve what I need to. In the Data Valid_IF of the Enum in Sheet2 Form I have used SELECT(Sheet1[Objects],USEREMAIL()=Sheet3[AppUsers]).
The object list is in Sheet1, Sheet2 is the form capture and Sheer3 has a list of user emails.
I want the Enum on Form to be populated by the list in Sheet1 only if the USEREMAIL() is in the list in Sheet3.

Please assist.

Thanks in advance.