User Email authentication error

Hi all, trying to add a new user to the app. He has an apostrophe in the email that I think is preventing login? At the moment I have no other explanation for this.

I went through the normal process of adding a user, at first I thought the email wasnt correctly pasted into the field but after re-adding it was clear it was. The user sent me the screenshot from below. (I edited out full email/appsheet id) Just for the purpose of revealing the error message and email.

Is this a common issue? Or what can I do to resolve. Thanks

Email addresses may not contain apostrophes.

According to RFC 3696 apostrophes are valid as long as they come before the @ symbol. However the latter is, Google rejects any emails containing an apostrophes because they are considered as SQL injection devices. You may also read this:

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I also have challenges with typos in Email Addresses.
According to me reading up here’s a list of characters that cannot be used in an email address - like two β€œ@” signs. Also other characters like "!, @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) ? ~ ’ " cannot be used in an email address… basically only alphanumeric and numeric and β€œ@” and β€œ_” and β€œ-” and β€œ.”
And an Email address should also not end with β€œ.”

@Steve and @LeventK How would one put this in a Valid_If expression?