USER ID's for Security Filters


I have recently started to use the app and I would like to know about the User Id’s. I am trying to create security filters and the only dynamic way to filter data according to users, as I have seen so far, is the user email (USEREMAIL() function). Is there another way to go about this? Since it is possible for users to change their email address, I would prefer to use a User Id instead of their email. I have seen that User Id’s already exist in the Audit Log, but I haven’t found the origin of this data, meaning where it lives and if I can leverage it for security filters instead of the user emails. Could it be available to me? Or are the User Id’s only for the Audit Log? Please let me know.

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The only metric you have is UserEmail() which is the email they login in with. What you could do is create a user table which has both [UserID] and [Login Email]. Then in your main data table also have a column called [UserID] where the App formula is ANY(Select(UserTable[UserID].[Login Email]=USerEmail())). So providing you keep this user table up to date your main data records will all have the correct user ID

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Thank you for the reply. I have completed the steps that you suggested, and the formula only works when I replace the “.” with a comma (e.g. [UserID],[LoginEmail]). I hope that doesn’t change anything. Now, is it possible to filter the master data table with the [UserID] that I have created? I am guessing that the formula for the security filter would have to include the USEREMAIL in junction with the UserID. Any suggestions on how I would go about that?

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Haha, sorry yes a simply typo

Yes the security filter equation could be something like - [UserID]=UserEmail()

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