User Input Based Slice


I’m trying to make this view show a deck based on a user input. I want to be able to choose the name and based on the name that a user selected, I want to show that filtered deck with the rows correlating to that specific column selection.

The name, for example “Anthony” here is being pulled from another sheet, and based off of that, the rest of the rows with it will have specific data that is manipulated by the user. Its a bunch of Y/N for tasks being completed.

I tried this, but it doesn’t allow the user input, it just shows a random one. “TO” is the table name, “Cleaner” is the column name.

ANY(TO[Cleaner]) = [Cleaner]

Thanks in advance!

you could try adding another group by for the row number after grouping by cleaner and that might give you the desired effect without complicating things alot more?

@Austin_Lambeth I don’t think I fully understand what you’re proposing? The image above is already grouped this way, but I need to find a way to not show names based off of a user’s selection.

Read the section titled: multi level “drilldown” to explain what Austin has suggested.

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That makes sense now! I think that may suffice, but is there a way to make the “group” visible selectable by the user?