User Input Filter on Number Column

So I have been trying to make anything remotely close to this example work and I just cannot seem to accomplish it.

My ultimate goal is to have a user input form on multiple columns in order to filter out any rows of data that meet the criteria. My data table is based off a MySQL datasource table name is PermitList and at least one of my columns I wish to filter based on user provided input is called Permit_No. Transitioning from App Maker in that environment I was able to just drag an input element into my canvas and set the value of the input to table.filter.ColumnName._equals for example. I am hoping to replicate something similar in AppSheet where I have an input where the user could type in ‘200’ for example and it would filter all rows where the Permit_No column matches that value.

Given that I was not able to even replicate the above sample app I am at a huge loss here. I suppose one might say I possibly lack some of the basic concepts in AppSheet, but I have found that filtering does not appear to be as straight forward as it was on the platform I am migrating from. Any help would be appreciated.

I want to help as I have seen the same samples before and I was looking for similar or almost similar functionality. There are many samples similar to this and with more complex “search” functionality. But I found that the easiest way to search record is via the search button on the top and with TABLE view, the result will immediately shown all related record matches that inputted value.

With this sample, is about having an enum type column with a Valid_If statement. If you remove the Valid_If, change the input mode to Dropdown and input manually the Type-Detail Values (red and blue) while allowing other values, after save, you will get a kind of pops-up where we could also type something or select from any available value.

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Here’s a good search for info on this subject.



So having thought about this some more since yesterday, do you in fact have to create a separate table to designate your filters? And if that is the case given that I am using a SQL datasource would it make more sense to use a Google Sheet to hold my filter tables? Given that data has to be synced in AppSheet I don’t really want to ‘save’ the filters per say, is there a way to turn off syncing on specific tables (i.e. my filter table)? Lastly, it also appears that I would designate to filter on a specific row of filter data so that every user of the application gets their own results?

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Either is fine. Whichever you prefer.


You would probably want each user to have their own filter data row. If you have users sharing devices, or using multiple devices simultaneously, you may even want each device to have its own filter data row. You might be able to get away with only a single shared filter data row, but there are considerable risks with that.