User input Optional Url for KML File

I have a latlong type [Map] column and want to add an Optional Url for KML File using user input in another column [KML] with Url type.

However, the Kml overlay on the map not showing. The Kml shows normally when I add the same link directly to the Optional Url for KML File in the [Map] column type details.

Is it possible to add user input Optional Url for KML File this way?

KML file setting is not currently supporting Appsheet Expression, so that means we are not able to control the value dynamically. You see on the screenshot no frask icon available, which indicate no expression can be used in that section, only text value (URL reaching out to your KML file) is supported. So currently we need to hard-code the URL.

I reckon someone in the community throw the feature request for this before.


Thank you @tsuji_koichi… yes indeed no erlenmeyer-flask icon means not able to use Appsheet Expression…