User Limit error

I’m receiving this error in the audit log

“Errors”: "Error: Too many requests are being sent to the app’s Microsoft storage account. This can happen when a large number of people use the app at the same time, or if the app’s spreadsheets contain a large amount of data to proces

is there a limit on the number of users that can be using the app at one time?

It’s not an AppSheet thing, it’s a Microsoft thing.

(Seems you’ve found yet another reason not to use microsoft for your datasource. Ever since the beginning, there’s been limitations with using a Microsoft data source, limitations you don’t see when using Gsheets.)

Not sure if that applies, but it’s what I found with a Google search

I’ve encountered similar errors from other apps with lots of user activity all at once, and these were on Gsheets - every data source is subject to limitations like this unfortunately.


We haven’t ever run into this issue using AWS RDS :slight_smile:
I don’t know how close we are to reaching what would be the Azure limit, but we have reached a gdrive limit on uploading files before and one of our apps has around 50-60 people using it for about 15-30 minutes every morning for the past 8-9 months.


What errors, exactly? and with how many users? tell us more pleeeease.
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When this error came up we had 7 users within the hour we received the request too many error. Some of which were simply opening the app and not performing any updates.

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Normally these types of errors self correct and if you are using delayed sync users will likely never notice other than the numbers take longer to go away. I think something different happened here cause 7 users shouldn’t even be capable of overloading even a very limited datasource. @Sarah_Keown do you have any actions that make large amounts of writes or could possibly loop on the datasource side or appsheet side?


We do have one that I think could be a concern.

Its an action used to add rows from one table to another.

We have a list of Material that we want to request so we upload that for the user to review, add dates and eventually request.

So essentially we’re moving data between the Material List Table and the Order Details Table.

You may be able to see that there is a lookup formula in this action also, which I know impacts sync time.

This action to add rows is in a grouped action, so once the rows are selected and added the status of each row is updated from To be Requested, to requested.

So when we see a list of 20 items that need to be added to the Order Details it doubles to 40 unique syncs. We have seen that escalate on our apps, with users requesting large amounts of material and having hundreds of syncs.

I hadn’t seen that from the logs for this app example yet still receiving the error.

I have looked into an alternative where we would use a webhook to add the row but haven’t been successful yet.

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