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User Login

Hello. I’m a Publisher_Plus member and just getting started. I currently have 1 APP for my business (entertainment).

As of now, it’s a public app. I’m wondering if I should move to a login system where each member has to login/create an account.

Reason being … by booking so many musicians, I don’t want any angst amongst musicians who see they’re not booked on any gigs. Not a HUGE deal but looking for future possibilities with this app. 1. does my current plan support that feature?

  1. how would they login? do i choose their login info or do they login with any email? Thanks for your help. 3. If my plan doesn’t support this feature, how much would it cost to have about 15-20 members?
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For Public and Secure apps’ pricing plans and available features - App Maker Pricing - AppSheet App Maker Pricing - AppSheet

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@Dallas_and_Doll sounds cool. Is it available on Appstore?

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Hi @Dallas_and_Doll

  1. Login feature or user sign in: Public plans ( including Publisher plus) do not support a secure user sign in.

  2. If you wish that the app users log in to the app so that

they can see the data only meant for their respective use, you need to opt for secure plans.

AppSheet uses third party user authentication provided by reputed providers such as Google, Microsoft(Office 365)and Dropbox. The users need to have email account with these providers or users be on company email domains (such as registered with such reputed providers.

  1. You can opt for one of the three secure plans. The secure options have per user license system (15 users 15 licenses) and per active user pricing.

The choice of plan will depend on features you need. Please contact for an appropriate plan.

I request you to go through following two informations - How to Choose a Subscription Plan How to Choose a Subscription Plan