User on old app versions browser and mobile

Hello I have a client with an employee who is unable to reach the new app version by browser nor mobile.

On the mobile app we’ve logged out/back in uninstalled and reinstalled but he still gets the old app.

On the browser, he has cleared his browsing history logged out/back in several times but still gets the old app.

He’s extremely frustrated and I can certainly understand why. Others in the company are fine.

How else can I help him?

Did you check that he will get the “Latest” version?

To the best of my knowledge, app versioning only works with the Business Plan unfortunately

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@LeventK Yeah you are totally right. But I don’t know on which plan @Daisy_Ramirez is :wink:

Hi Fabian & Levent, what happens if its set to App version: Default?

For app accounts other than Business Plan, I believe that option does not have an affect on the created app(s) and its users.

I have Business. Wanted to understand the impact of the Default option on the white list to see if its consistent with what the client is seeing.

Provided you are on Business account, I may advise first setting a latest version via Manage > Versions > Stable Version

and then assigning the Stable version to all of your app users.

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Thanks Levent, do you know if this will this help my client’s employee immediately?

If the employee sync his/her app with a ‘cold start’, it should help. With the word ‘cold start’ I mean a fresh start of the app, not bringing the app from the mobile devices background running apps drawer. The device’s cache mem shall be clean.

Thanks Levent, I completed the process and the employee says its working sporadically. He gets the new version, comes back to create another quote in the system but doesn’t get the features he needs again which possibly means he’s back to the old version. He doesn’t want to clear his cache as many other apps will be affected.

Any ideas on how to flush out that old version?


Unfortunately I have used all the coins in my pocket :frowning: I may advise contacting for further advise