User: Plan free

Please help me: I have user: plan free. So can I use “Automation” feature. Thank you

Apps are free until they are deployed. Free apps (non-deployed apps) CAN take advantage of Automation AND you can add additional Test Users - up to 10. However, non-deployed apps are limited in processing power and communication features such as email and text.

Once your app is ready to be deployed you will need to choose the appropriate plan and number of licenses.

If you are concerned about which plan the app will require, you can perform deployment checks as the app is being built which will tell you which plan is required based on the features you have implemented.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for your help
I want to make my app and share to 5 users (<10). I want to use Automation send Email.
So, how can I add Test user. And as your recommend, i can’t use sending email.
Thank for your advice

When the app is in prototype mode, the Automation Email kind of works, but it will send all emails only to app owner as it’s meant to work for testing purpose. If you want to send emails, you need to have licenses as John mentioned.


Thanks for your help