User role customization

Apart from Admin and user roles. I want to be able to add my own choice of roles.

So what I do with the App I create for my clients is to create a User Table. Which has the user name, login email and also a type. With this you can then use something like this to find if their type matches a rule

Any(Select(User[Type],[Login Email]=UserEmail()))="Manager"


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To answer your question


I agree 100%. In cases where you are whitelisting users and simply want the capability to assign different role values to those users, why not simply have the ability to add custom role labels to the dropdown list already present? Then we can easily use the existing USERROLE() function to differentiate role capabilities in the app without the need of building out a table.

However, once the need expands beyond only assigning custom roles into the need to add other user demographic details, a custom table is the better option as there are many combinations of user data we may want to have access to from app to app. In this respect, I agree with @MultiTech_Visions…almost every app I have built has a need for such a table eventually.


Thank you Multi Tech, your hits are helpful.


Thank you for this helpful hint.


Okay, thank you so much.