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I´m tryin to create a User´s control panel, where I can select a value and this selctions able or unable some views and filter the data to each user.

Eg: in table 1 there is [1],[2] and [3] columns, each column has unique text values in there cells eg: for [1] is Hello or N/A, for [2] is Goodby or N/A, and for [3] is Hola or N/A. Then in table 2 there is 1 column [1.1] that could have in there cells equal text values Hello or Goodby or Hola or N/A.
What kind of expression do I need to have a filter condition that shows only the rows in table 2 that matches the same text values regarding the columns in table 1?

Assuming table 1 has more than one row and that each user has their own row identified by their email address, try as the table 2 filter:

  [column 1.1],
    SELECT(table 1[column 1], (USEREMAIL() = [Email]))
    + SELECT(table 1[column 2], (USEREMAIL() = [Email]))
    + SELECT(table 1[column 3], (USEREMAIL() = [Email]))

Does + works as OR in this case?
There is missing ] at the end of the email column in your formula.
I try but is not working.

I’ve corrected the expression above.

+ is for list addition (in this case): I’m combining three lists (the results of three SELECT() expressions) into a single list.

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