User settings

Hi guys i try to build an Services portfolio app for now look ok
but i got stuck on user settings to define them and also to add option to login from the side menu!
can you send me some images on how to do it please , i can understand better when i see how…

Thank you very much!

First, AppSheet provides login service by authenticating through another service such as Google, Microsoft, Smartsheet, etc. Hence there is no dedicated login to the AppSheet app.

Instead, a user login’s into the correct account under the proper authenticator (e.g. Google) specified by the app on the device. If that is successful then the user is allowed to use the app.

User Settings
User Settings can be found under the data menu as shown in the image below. When set the various options to Show, a “Settings” menu will automatically show in the side menu of the app.

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Thank you very much , it is working !