User Sorting Reset

If you’ve got Grouping turned on for a table view, AND you’ve allowed people to manually change the sort for the table, once someone has changed the sort… there’s no way to get back to the original grouped view.

Yeah, I have to go back to another view and re-enter to the one I need to be reseted if on normal view (Not Dashboard).

BTW, I don’t want to spam this place but the toggle icon is just an image column? Looks great

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Negative: it’s an action (to switch a true/false toggle) along with two formatting rules

  • But the effect is a nice looking switch

To hold the action in that table like that, I create a button holder virtual column:

Item Details Notes
Name Button_Holder You could call it whatever you want
Formula " " That’s just a space inside two double quotes
Display Name “” That’s a blank (though this isn’t really necessary, when you attach an action to the column, the name of the field at the top of the table disappears)
Show If IN(Context(“View”), LIST(“View 1”, “View 2”)) This way it only shows inside the views I want to see it (typically the dashboard and the specific table view used inside that dashboard)

@Mike_Moss @Adam

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Interesting approach.
I’m not that good at Format Rules, I just started to experiment with that literally last week.

Good “cooding” BTW! I use OR() with a list of pairs CONTEXT(VIEW)="BlaBlaView". I’m gonna copy your approach on this