User Variables to Slice Data

I’m working on a app for checking in parts. The parts have the following items

Job Number
– Serial Number
– -- Part Number (and more data)

I would like the user to be able to pick the Job or Serial number and then only have to pick it again if they need to change it. I don’t want to have to put in the Job & Serial number in the form every time.

I think I need a user variable and a row based slice, but I haven’t found a good example on how to do that.

Anyone have an example or can share how to do this?

I don’t know any good sample apps, but the general idea you’re looking for is a very common build methodology in AppSheet.

  • Create a “User” table, with at least the following fields:
    • [User_Email], [UserID], (and since you want a place to store a user variable) [User_Selected_Job]
  • Create a slice of this table: Current_User
    • For the slice formula, use something like this:
      USEREMAIL() = [User_Email]

This will give you the individual record that belongs to the particular user that’s currently logged in. This is a very handy way to grab certain variables that might be stored in the user table, things like:

  • Authorized Facilities (for use in security filters)
  • Phone number
  • User Role (for additional security and functionality restrictions)
  • etc.

Now for your scenario, I would actually build a second slice to use for the interaction.

  • For this slice, I would only include the [User_Selected_Job] field
  • Create a form view for this, with the “Auto Save” turned on
    • this way once someone makes the selection, the form automatically saved - saving the user from having to hit the save button.
  • From here, you can also make use the form save event action to take control over what happens when that form is saved.
    • You could insert a navigation action to route someone to the job that they selected, for instance.

I’m not aware of any sample apps that show this functionality though, maybe someone else does?



Thank you for this and the video. It helped me get this functioning.