User VERY Happy!

User delighted with our 1st AppSheet prototype! Questions:

  • Table: Master DB
  • YES/NO column called Create Proposal? Defaults to no
  • Date field of when Yes/NO was selected (Date Proposal Requested)

Goal - When user selects YES in field Create Proposal; app runs a workflow and template to “dump” that record to a nice proposal document (with economic illustrations) template setup in Excel. Now we are trying to LIMIT the dump to only ONE row per dump.
Currently running: <<start Filter(“Master DB”, [Create Proposal?] = “TRUE”)>>
but that dumps ALL records that have ever “asked for a proposal”.

Thoughts on best way to limit to filtering to the most current OR just a few?
Currently trying:
<<start FILTER(“Master DB”, AND([Create Proposal?]), (DAY(TODAY())))>>

Having Syntax issues!

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