User whitelist in a table

would it be possible to have a table that has all an apps users listed in it, and the app is shared to anyone on the table, so when you add a new user you can just add them to a table and not to each individual app as we have to do now.

This is my number 1 feature request.

Yup. Not having this is a major pain. Especially with Apps with > 20 users or frequent changes

Agreed. That would make it much easier. Especially because the manager of my app, who does not have app editing permissions, could control who has access to the app. Then we could have like a workflow that sends the initial email OR a custom email. Just as you can put expressions into what list of emails gets an email workflow, you could add the same function to users. It would help, then, if User License had an option to automatically increase or decrease, and just send out an email if it changes, so that the maker of the app knows. But it could be just an option, so if the app maker wants more control, then he/she can retain it. Thanks!

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Yes, this would be great. If i add an external coordinator on a project in my CRM i can use a GET request within google app script to get the email. I would only change data on one system.