USEREMAIL() keeps updating due to action

Users enter their expenses in a sheet, where there is a column with formula useremail() to log that user’s e-mail and a name column which is a bunch of ifs, like ’ if usermail()=“”, then user_name = “abc” '.

There is an action for that table, unavailable to the user who posted the data, available to an ‘approving person’ / ‘moderator’ to mark that expense valid. Its a type of ‘set some values of columns to this’.

What the problem is, when the moderator is approving or rejecting that expense, the useremail() column gets updtaed with the e-mail of the moderator. Which is a HUGE problem in the mechanics of the whole app.

How do I correct this, and keep that unchanged?

Hi @Pratyay_Rakshit
Is the USERMAIL() set as the the Inital value ?


No, it’s within the ‘Formula’ field, not initial value.

Is it so that setting it to initial value rather than column formula will solve my problem ?

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Yes, Did you try it?

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Thank you. It’s solved.


Hi everyone!

I have the opposite problem now where a different user is making an edit but the useremail stays the same as the old person and is not updating to current person submitting the edit.

Any idea’s?

(Useremail() is in initial value)

You need to set the RESET ON EDIT propety to ON so that everytime the record is edited, the initial value will be resetted.


Thank you for the swift response! that solved the problem!

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