USEREMAIL() not pulling email from account

Hi there,

As the title states, I’m using the function USEREMAIL() to automatically fill in [Assigned Employee] Email field but it is not pulling the email and leaving it blank.

Things I’ve tried:

  • verifying AppSheet has access to my google account
  • using it in the Formula and Initial field
  • using it in another column

It is working in the Security > Security Filters to only show users data that is assigned to them, but not in ANY of the Data fields (Columns, Slices).

What’s the give? it just started doing this.

Not sure it is related, but the team is working on some issues that seem to center around USERMAIL(). May or may not be related but be aware…

See my prior post:

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It looks like the Emulator on the App Design page is NOT working as intended. I just checked it on the Mobile Preview page and everything is working as intended. Also working on my Phone, Tablets, etc.

it Looks like an issue with the emulator.

Thanks for giving me a heads up!

Hi @Jessy_Mrozowski,
We have a bug causing USEREMAIL() to return an empty result only in the emulator, as you noticed. We’re currently working to fix this and will keep you posted.

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@Jessy_Mrozowski @Mike,
Issue is fixed now. You may need to refresh you browser for the fix to take effect.


@Gil - seems to working again! Thanks!!