Useremail on ADD only

We have reports that are completed by guys in the field. These are then printed by any number of people. Since an action is used to print the records, it appears that this change is changing the Useremail() to the person printing it. I do not want this to happen.
Is the proper way to do this by setting INITIAL VALUE = USEREMAIL() instead of using an app formula? Does this cause any other issues that I haven’t thought about?

If you use the USEREMAIL function directly in the template, it will evaluate to the email address of the person invoking the workflow rule.

If you use USEREMAIL as the initial value for some column, then it will store the email address of the user who added the row. You should be able to write [Some Column] in your template to access that.

Setting the column’s value using an Initial value expression of USEREMAIL() will set the value to the email address of the user who added the row containing that column. If, instead (or in addition), you set the App formula expression to USEREMAIL(), the column’s value will be set the the current user’s email any time the row is modified (e.g., edited in a form, through QuickEdit columns in a detail view, or by an action).

Use initial value if you want who added the row; use app formula if you want who last modified the row.

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Thank you both for your replies. Steve’s answers the actual question, but I would have still since incorrect results without Tony’s input (because I was doing both parts wrong.)

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