User's Input to Change Column Value

Is there any expression that I can use so that the user can input a value for the column ‘Url’ instead of a predefined url?

Given that the user does not have the permission to edit other columns.


Any other option?

Give them a column they can edit and let them enter it there.

I want to have an action, for each row, that would open a new form. That form would take the url from the user and probably save it to another table.(It would be better if I don’t have to allocate a separate table just for temporarily saving the urls)

Then I want to have an expression or formula that would take that url and copy it to the ‘url’ column of the primary table. i.e. ‘Gulberg Green Inventory’ table.

Or please recommend a more efficient and better way to accomplish this task.

Why not open a form on the primary table and allow the user to enter it there directly?

Yeah that can be a way. Infact, it would be very efficient.
But to do that i would have to set the editable if expression for all the other columns.
What do you say?

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I wish it had been that simple. Let me elaborate.

Each row requires a different url. Each row already has a form view. But the user who is assigned the task to only paste the url into each row should not be able to edit other columns of that row.
Those other columns of the row can only be edited by the user who added that respective row and not by anyone else.

The current form gives access to all other columns of a row as well.

Make a 2nd Form View for just this purpose, with Steve’s column ordering suggestion.

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The previous form used by other users to edit a row becomes inactive.
I want to have two forms to be functional simultaneously; one for the user who adds a url to an existing row and the other one for the rest of the users to edit a row.

So then you setup different “Edit” actions that will open up different Forms in different cases.


Create a slice and send users to the slice to enter URLs.

Thanks @Marc_Dillon. Issue resolved now.
Thanks @Steve