Users & Pricing Query

Im new to Appsheet…
I have 2 queries regarding Appsheet users & pricing:

  1. As per ur article on Secured Users, which states

If the app is secure, it requires users to sign-in with their e-mail. AppSheet will count each individual e-mail as one user. For example, if an employee signs into an app with the same e-mail on two devices, they will still be considered only one user. AppSheet supports having the same user logged in on up to five devices at a time.”

Now if I have a generic class id like or which is used by 5 people in the organisation, should I buy 1 user licence as it could be installed on 5 devices & may be handled by 1-5 number of persons??

  1. If I intend to develop an app on appsheet & deploy it with different organizations, as a business of consultancy, do I get some discount on the user pricing?
    As an add on query, can I publish it with my own branding & deploy as a consultant? Can I become a business partner with Appsheet?

A quick revert shall be appreciated…!!


1 licence will be enough, provided this 5 staff will not launch the app elsewhere other than their mobile devices. For example; if any one of the user launches the app in his/her desktop also, then it will be evaluated as 6th device, where you will be alerted for missing licence.

The answer to this question is merely: “it depends” regarding your business model. You can enroll to AppSheet Business Plan, develop apps, deploy the app and publish it in stores with your own branding for sure. I may advise discussing these issues directly with

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