Users to choose start view for app in settings

Trying to give the users the option to choose start view for their app in settings.

In settings I named a column to “Startmeny” and set it to Enum and gave some exact view-names as options.
In UX - Option and “Starting view” I put: [_Thisuser].[Startmeny] (and formula button).
I also tried with TEXT([_Thisuser].[Startmeny]) with no success.

Anyone ideas on why this is not working? (no errors)

Hi @khuslid
Starting view does not work anymore. It has been changed. I don’t know why. It was a useful feature.


Are you sure??
It is still a editable field in UX - Option - Starting view.
Both with Text and formula.

Is this a dummy-field now to trick us? Can’t be…!!!


Yes, as you see in my first post, this is what I did.
I have the expression button “on” and expression: [_Thisuser].[Startmeny]

But it doesn’t seem to work. Any idea why?

Will it help with _Per User Settings[Startmeny] ?

I don’t get it…


That means the first time the user ever opens the app. User settings don’t exist at that point. There is no longer any way to configure the starting view whenever the app is opened.


Aha. Thanks for clearing this up:)
To bad, though…

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I agree.

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