USERSETTINGS as starting view for new users

Is it possible for some set something in the user settings before all other view in the come up?

Can your please clarify your question? It sounds a little bit ambiguous actually.

I apologize for the that. So I am filtering data by Company which is a field in the user settings. I want this to be the first thing a new user chooses when they open the app

IF(ISBLANK(USERSETTING(“COMPANY”)), “Settings”, “Other view”)
Also on your filter I recommend a IF(ISBLANK(USERSETTING(“COMPANY”)), false, your statement) because this does not force a person to make a choice.

That works!. But can I make the user settings form a default starting view?



You are a saviour!

Note, you have to show something on the usersettings section before it shows up.

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