Hello, my question is on USERSETTINGS. Is it your understanding that once USERSETTINGS are entered on the device, they remain on the device even when the user logs out and back in ?

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This is my understanding, yes.

They may not survive clearing the app’s cache–you may want to test that.

They will not survive clearing the app’s data (an option on Android devices), nor will they survive a reinstall of the app.


Yes as far as my experience is concerned. When we clear cache, user setting is get back to default.

Not only user setting. For instance after we set the dashboard layout to be customized, relocate views , it will be lost when we clear cache.

Obviously usersetting of appsheet is happening on client side rather than backend.


As Koichi says, user settings get stored on the client (either in device or browser local storage). When you close your browser or app and then re-open it, the setting values should stick around. However, if you actually log out, they get cleared. I believe this is for privacy because it is assume that when you log out, you do not want someone else who has access to the device/browser to have access to your AppSheet account or data including your user settings.

I spoke with @Adam about this and he looked in the front end code. It appears that this has probably been the case for the last 6 years (since basically since the beginning of AppSheet) so I don’t think it’s likely going to change.


Whoops! My understanding was wrong, it appears! Thanks for the clarification, @hugheshilton!

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I was surprised by this as well. The behavior is to clear all of the table data when logging out. The rationale was that you would need to be online to log back in, so at that point you could also just sync the latest data. However this was before UserSettings existed, and it would make sense now to make an exception for those since they can’t be recovered with a sync.


Thanks Adam, does this mean the system will be adjusted to store the USERSETTINGS() even after logout?

Possibly, we’ll need to take a closer look at how much work would be involved and the privacy implications.


Hi Adam, hope all is well. Can you send a note on this one? I have a client inquiring about this again. A million thanks

Hi @Daisy_Ramirez, the proposed change is being reviewed to make sure it’s aligned with our privacy policy. I’ll let you know up when I have more information.

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