UserSettings not Saving

For about two weeks my app, when fully closed on mobile, starts with usersettings() cleared. I go to settings, save, and resync. My settings are set, close app and settings are not recorded in the app but filled by my login email.

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I too have been having issues with the usersettings not propegating though the app on the first sync, people have reported that they must sync twice in order for them to take hold.

I’ve got security filters tied to columns in the usersettings, giving people the ability to lessen the data burden in their app.

But for the past two weeks people have been reporting this issue to me as well.

Can you clarify what you meant by this? “settings are not recorded in the app but filled by my login email.” Are you using initial value formulas for these?

USERSETTINGS() have initial_values. Click save and the values persist until AppSheet is closed and opened. When the app is opened, the values of usersettings() are not available until settings is saved.

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I see, and is it security filters where those missing values are having an effect? Or is it other expressions within the app (show / valid / slice filters, etc)?

I report the same problem. I’ve got an app running in test mode, it seems people are losing information in usersettings.
The app is very similar to Driver Jobs sample app, so users can select their name in usersettings and some slices filter data according to selected user name.
Some users report they lost usersettings when they closed the app and re-started again.
I think is a problem about some devices but I didn’t find a solution yet.
Thanks for your help

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Progress towards this, development team? A bit frustrating for my users.

At this point, probably best to contact directly. That will keep the matter on the radar better.

Quick update: I think @adam resolved this bug with initial value in the user settings yesterday.

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I open the app for the first time and my lower menu shows buttons via a usersettings() constraint. I wait for 30 seconds and the menu updates with my correct constraints from usersettings().
Settings have the correct initial values, but are not ‘syncd’ or something until the app does ‘something’ in the background.

Does your app sync at start-up? If not, I wonder if maybe the expressions that use USERSETTINGS() simply aren’t being evaluated until something else prompts it, like user activity that causes a background sync.

It does not sync at startup. That may be the procedure, but this is different behavior from before, where the usersetttings() expressions were evaluated at app open. I would like the behavior as before, were the values are evaluated on app open.

It sounds like something changed internally that prompted this entire thread, but it’s only been partially fixed. I’d encourage you to report your problem to directly. It’ll have more weight coming directly from you.

Now we also seem to be affected. On Samsung Galaxy S8 sometimes the User Settings are blank on a restart. This is happening occasionally. This is not happening with Samsung Galaxy S9 with the same App. Did anyone find the reason?

Edit: We set the UserSettings as the starting view. As @Rob_Just mentioned here, the starting view opens up only, if the app is first run or the cache\data has been cleared from the app.
The fact that our App occasionally starts with the UserSettings is a proof that something cleared the cache/data, right? What may cause the cache/data to be cleared automatically? Because there is no user doing that. May this happen when the app has a lot of data cached like images?