USERSETTINGS() Not working

I am having trouble with getting my user settings to work. I am building a Task allocation app.I would like with selection of each each resource , only that resource’s tasks are shown in the app.

When I put the user settings expression"[Resource]=USERSETTINGS(Resource)" in the security filter of the Allocation table (where the tasks are allocated to resources), The Data in the User interface disappears.

First I thought that the problem could be coming from the fact that the resource column in the allocation table where am putting the security filter is of column type ref and yet the column type in the user setting column is enum.

How can I resolve this?

Below is a browser link to my app

I think you have to put quotes around the usersetting column name.


I have Done this but its still not working? Do the columns in user setting and the the column in the table ( where you apply the security filter) have to have the same column type?

I suspect your first though is correct, though not quite in the way you think. You say the Resource column in the Allocation table is of type Ref. A Ref column value is a key column value of the referenced table. Are the Enum values available for the user to choose in the user setting also key column values in that referenced table?

No enum values in the user setting column are not the same as key values in the referenced tables… Let me try to resolve this and see if it works… Thanks alot for the response… will let u know how it goes…

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Yes you are Super right… the referenced table is pointing to the reference ids for the resource table which are not in the drop down of the enum list of the User settings column. So I went picked them and put them in the user enum list and it worked… however the userids don’t make sense to the user as they are random numbers… I tried going back to the referenced table to change the resource name to become the key. but now the resource name turns to the user ids yet the resource id is not the label… I made the resource name the key and label…

Thanks let me work on changing the enum list meaningful

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