Using an API from another software in my app

I am confused on how to add an API i have from another software in one of my apps. I have a token and
an API key - from the other software. Where do i go to add this to my app?

Thanks Steve. As i am reading through this, it seems this is using the API key from Appsheets, correct? If i have the key from another software to use- how to i place that in Appsheets to pull information from that software? I have read about webhooks, but it seems to be more for tables already built in appsheets - to other tables built in appsheets…

I guess i am asking, in order to get data from the software (not Appsheets) without using Google or Onedrive, etc… I want to use an API. I want it always flowing data into my app. So i need to create a webhook in Appsheets for doing that?

This is one of the missing features we currently dont have in Appsheet.

We call external API, but Appsheet is currently not possible to parse the response body and dump the data into the data source you are connecting.

I really love to have such a feature in place.

My old post to extract data from external API and consume within Appsheet. This may help you a bit.

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Hi Tiger,

You can push data from some external systems into Appsheet by using a webhook in the external system to invoke the Appsheet API Steve referred you to.

This approach works if the external system allows you to invoke a webhook when data you care about is added, updated, or deleted in the external system.

As Koichi said, we don’t currently support a way to pull data from an external system directly into Appsheet.

Ok. Unfortunately - my software says they only have a “pull” not a “push”. However, can i use Zapier to do this?

Hi Tiger,

You can perform a Zap on a schedule. That should allow you to pull data from from your software system on a schedule you specify. Once you get the pull response, you could push the data to AppSheet using the AppSheet API.

ok. I got the data to go into my Zap. But i cant figure out where to push this into appsheets pp using Appsheet api…


Thank you…