Using an AppSheet histogram Chart, is there a...

(Stuart Carmichael) #1

Using an AppSheet histogram Chart, is there a way to interactively change time granularity along the x-axis based on user selection?

My prototype provides a Form up top in which the user can click on an Enum column, choosing between day, week, or month granularity for summing values over time.

A) I have tried creating three separate Charts, one for each of day, week, month.

However, I can’t see a way at runtime to swap different Chart views into a Dashboard view when the users pick between day, week, month.

B) Alternatively, I’ve explored using a virtual column to contain the desired Column data (day date, end of week date, end of month date) used by the Graph view.

However, histogram Chart view doesn’t seem to allow for Virtual Columns to be selected for the UX > Chart(histogram) > Chart columns setting.

I can only pick from non-Virtual Columns in the Slice I’m using.

The screen shot shows what I’ve roughed out, but haven’t gotten to work.

The shorthand below gives you an idea of how I’m structuring things.

// A) is there a function to swap Chart views? UX > Dashboard > View entries : Form, Chart

Data > Column(“Form”) > group_type : Enum { DAY, WEEK, MONTH }

UX > Chart > Chart type : Histogram

// B) is there a way to choose virtual columns? UX > Chart > Chart columns : “only non-virtual columns”

Thanks for any help!

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @Stuart_Carmichael For the

A option mentioned by you,if you have three

different chart views made for day,week and month ,have you explored showing any one chart through Show_if constraint in the respective views? This Show_if constraint can be selected through an

Enum button in User settings.

(Stuart Carmichael) #3

@Suvrutt_Gurjar It works!

I setup a Show_If expression “DAY”=ANY(SELECT(UserConfig[report_group],[email]=USEREMAIL())) for the Day Chart view along with one each for the other two Charts views.

Thank you!