Using an enum data column for graph. I only ...

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Using an enum data column for graph.

I only want to display 3 of the 6 enum options on the graph.

Is it possible to NOT include all the enum selections in the graph?


Have you tried using a slice as the source and filter the records based on the ENUM value?

If i get you correctly, you only want to include records in the chart with specific ENUM values?

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@Mike_Adler yes.

Sounds like that will work. Thanks!

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@Mike_Adler your suggestion works so that only select enum records qty are displayed but the x-axis on the chart continues to display the other enum names at 0.

How to only display the required x-axis column names but not the other non-required enum names.

Hope this makes sense.


I haven’t tried this so would have to test how blanks are handled.

Can you post the exact filter equation you used in the slice?

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@Tim_Meske - seems logical to me.

Would have to play around if I get some time.

Maybe an appsheet guru knows a better way to approach this.

Seems like if you filter the entire record (eg: a slice), then only records with the “right” [General Contractor Name] values would show… and I assume that was what the X axis was dynamically created from.

Looks like I guessed wrong!