Using app upgrade I have set up a dev/prod ...

(Pim Sauter) #1

Using app upgrade

I have set up a dev/prod environment for my app:

The development app, connected to a development database The production app, connected to the production database

If I make some changes to the development app, can I use ‘App upgrade’ to propagate these changes to the production app? I am a bit unclear as to how this feature works, and could not find any in depth documentation for it. The changes to the databases are done independently with a database migration tool.

(Reza Raoofi) #2

App Upgrade keeps the original app’s url, but replaces the whole app definition, so all users will see the new version on their next sync; that means in your case the upgraded prod app will be connected to the dev app’s database, so I believe once your dev app is final, you need to temporarily re-connect its tables to the prod database right before upgrading; this way after upgrading, prod app will have the right database.

I also found this article that will explain more details: