Using Auto Save to bypass Form View

When I finish a process I want to generate a record but I don’t want to see the form view. Can I use Auto Save? It says it works when the last field is filled in. Would it be more accurate to say when all the fields are filled in? Some of mine are blank. Any other work-arounds?

If you don’t want to see form view, what would you like to see? Do you want to generate a new record without opening the form view?


I want it to go to the detail view of the new record.

Turn ON Auto Save option from UX > Options > FORMS and then from the Finish View property of your Form UX, choose the associated table’s Detail View. That’s it.

Unfortunately there isn’t a way to creat a record without either seeing the form (which you can auto save so it it closes right away, but it still flashes on the screen), or by using the API to do it during a sync (but this means you need to wait for the sync for the updated info).

Awhile ago @praveen was talking about the possibility of an action to create a record in the background, but still accomplishing it client-side; any updates?

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I can’t see this option in UX > Options > FORMS

Sorry @sales_bikefix, my mistake. AUTO SAVE option is in your FORM View’s detail. But I may also advise turning on ADVANCE FORMS AUTOMATICALLY option which is under UX > Options > FORMS section which will automatically capture the next field when user is filling a form.

May be remind you that, the auto-save will only be triggered when the last field on the form is filled. Therefore I may advise making this last field a required field, and choose a type of ENUM, ENUMLIST or a dropdown field with the use of Valid_if property. So that the user makes his last choice, the form will be automatically saved.

The builtin action to add a row to a table (without bringing up a form UI) is coming this week.



Is this working yet? Let me be the first to try it!

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Does this mean we will be able to do everything without using forms?

@sales_bikefix Please check this post from Praveen…

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Hi just wanted to check if the ability to add a row to a table (without bringing up a form UI) was implemented?

I have the same requirement to go straight to a detail view for a newly created ‘blank’ row.

Hi @Harriswe yes it was :slight_smile:

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