Using Bot to generate ad hoc csv file

I have a form that asks the user for an email, and some other filtering information.
What I would like to accomplish is using the form to filter a different table and then generate a csv file to be sent to the email used on the form. I did find a useful sample app but it puts all the matching records on the same row of the CSV.
Sample : Custom reports

How can I simply use the form to filter the records of another table?
To put it in a different way, I would like to be able to export a particular view to csv and email it to an email provided on a form.
I know there is an action that downloads a particular view, but I need to email it so this will not work for me.
App: export this view to a CSV file (not a row-level action)

Any guidance is much appreciated.

Hi, Does anyone have any suggestions for me?