Using Bots for Scheduled Reports when working with a Slice

Hi all,

I’ve watched yesterday’s Office Hours on Automation (Bots) and unfortunately did not find it helpful as it does not go into too much details. Not enough given on how to schedule reports with bots, it was easier with the legacy method as one could easily create and run reports.

Please help!


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Take a look at the section about scheduled events, Event: The Essentials | AppSheet Help Center.

When creating a bot you can designate that its event is a scheduled event.


Thanks Dan, it worked!

Is there a way to have all records as ForEntireTable instead ForEachRowInTable?

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If you dont check the ForEachRowInTable in the event definition it will just trigger the process with no row in context.

You can use expressions in the Email,SMS,Webhook… tasks that will get the rows you need from the tables.

If its not clear how to achieve what you want to do could you explain a bit more about your usecase ?