Using Bots

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Please check out the product primer

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Amazing, look forward to it.

Thank you

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Just in few hours time.
Tickets should not be sold out.
Just register and watch.


Thank you, I will go through it.

Hope it will make our understanding easier by wathing upcoming event rather than getting through hundreds of pages documents.

Yes, it definitely will…learned a lot from Office Hours videos.

Seems invite link isn’t working… not sure who to contact, hopefully someone here can help

Join the webinar

Im getting the same error as well

I’m not certain how, but that link is incorrect. This one should work. If you continue to have issue just send me a note.

AppSheet Office Hours

thanks @JCadence - the link you sent is to register, which I have done already. The link I shared here is the link included in the reminder email I received this morning to join the webinar (I assumed it would be a page where the video is presented).

Maybe I’m confused (again lol)


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Yeah, it is not working.

Should we speak to Apigee?


I see, that link won’t work until the webinar goes live. The webinar doesn’t start for another 13 mins :slight_smile:

I see… well thanks for the clarification

Link still not working…




(Sub-title) What can I do ?

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