Using CHART View (big scaling) instead of inline chart (small scaling) with the same filtering

Hello everyone,

I am struggling for a while with the following case:

I really like the function of having a chart within a detail view because it puts automatically the needed values of (f.e.) the corrent row or some related rows.

On desktop chart (dashboard view) I would like to achieve the same way filtered data as in the inline chart view (in the detail view). But I didn’t manage to combine the right slice expression that would do the same as the expression within a row.
I do not understand how it is possible to implement “_thisrow” of table B into a slice of table A. (Is that kind of reference possible or does “_thisrow” always referes the the a row within the “current” table?

The structure is currently look like this:

Table A: name of product and it’s values that should appear in the shart
Table B: category names (groups of A)

So what I want to reach is, when I select a row of the table A (category name) in dashboard view only the specific values of the table A should be shown, the ones that belong to the chosen category. (currently all values of A or none are shown.)

Thank you very much for your help