Using Delayed Sync along With Automatic Updates in one App

Within the Offline/Sync Tab you have the option to turn on Delayed Sync as well at Automatic Update. Although I understand what each option does I am wondering what happens when you enable both for an app? Will the app continue to automatically sync updates to the data with the server but you will retain the ability to force a sync with the server?

Automatic Updates makes the app sync every 30 minutes if it is left open.
Delayed Sync allows the user to continue using the app after a data change event, instead of forcing them to watch a syncing screen, and syncs in the background as soon as it can.

Manually syncing is always something the user can do, no matter which options are selected.

The two options shouldn’t affect each other in any way.


When Delayed Sync is ON and Automatic Update is OFF, the sync does not happen by itself (maybe, in 30 minutes , I did not check it), but it becomes manual.


Oh, you’re right! Thanks for correcting me. Funny, I don’t think I’ve ever turned Automatic Updates off, not sure why anyone would.

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