Using EnumList to Generate a Clickthrough View of Individual Records in the List

Hello folks. I am trying to the following:

  1. Input data from the user using an Enumlist to create a list of ingredients for a “Product List”
  2. Each ingredient is validated by ensuring that the Ingredient exists in another “Ingredient List”
  3. This generates a text string for each product using the “Ingredient List”

What I am trying to do is somehow allow the user to click on each of the ingredients so that they can view the details present in the “Ingredient List”. However, since the Enumlist has generated a string of data, how do I go about doing this?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hello! Welcome to the AppSheet Community!

I would consider creating a Parent/Child relationship between the Product table and the Ingredients table. This allows you to attach a list of Ingredient rows to the Product record. You can then display them on the Product record in a mini-table. See image below - Photos and Products.

Clicking on an Ingredient record, opens that row in its own Detail view so you can see the other information.

See below link for more details on creating a Parent/Child relationship.

Example image of Order record with Photos and Products as children

Tapping on a Product row opens the Product Details view for that row

For Parent/Child relationship, scroll down to the “Expressing Ownership Between Tables” section

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