Using Enumlist with REF_ROWS Base

I’m trying to create a Pet sitting app. I have a Sales table linked to Customers, with CustomerKey as a foreign key on the Pets table.

When I create a new sale for CustomerKey, I want to be able to choose multiple pets, using PetKey and create a new row for each selected pet instead of comma-separated keys so the relationship is maintained. Is this possible?

Didn’t have much time to polish this up, but here’s a simple model that does it (copy the app, explore as needed):

at the heart of it is ensuring that a sales line item only shows the pets for that customer, that calc is a “valid if” for field “petID” on table “sales lineitem” and looks like this:

   in([CustomerID],select(customers[UniqueID],in([CustomerID],select(sales[CustomerID],[UniqueID] = [_THISROW].[SalesID])))))

Good luck!