Using Excel spreadsheet in google drive

Hi. I am using an excel spreadsheet from google drive however the app doesnt seem to run in the emulator with the forms and view table button greyed out and non functional. What does this mean ? There are no errors on the app itself though.

Hi Shakeel,

One way greyed out fields can occur is when the app is read-only. Could you open the app and click the Users tab in the left hand menu. Do you see a message saying, “Sorry, you can’t see the user white list because this app is read-only.”?

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Hi. I am not seeing that. But I am not seeing the user who created the app and shared with me? The excel spreadsheet is on his google drive. I am seeing my name under the user whitelist only. Does this info help ?

That’s helpful to confirm the app is not read-only. But the issue is still unknown.

Could you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing in this thread?

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Thank you so much it is working now. We chnaged the sharing settings on the original app makers side from read only.