Using Formatting Icons as Labels or Indicators for Units on the Right of Column Values

Formatting Icons can be used as a right-side labels, or indicators of units for column values.

Create an Action to execute an action on a set of rows , and select any other action from that table as the action to perform. Then in the Referenced Rows formula, simply enter a list containing one value that will never be a valid key.

The result is a button that does not perform any actions or trigger a sync. There’s a brief flash around the button indicating it attempted to find matching rows, but no data is changed.

This works well in Detail view but the button replaces the column value when viewed in Table view. So for Table Views, attach the in-line action to another column that isn’t needed in that view, and place it immediately after the column to be labeled.


Some weeks ago I almost posted a feature request for a “do nothing” action for just this purpose. Good thinking! No Sync I presume, since nothing gets changed?

Correct. The icon flashes once to show it ran but then there are no changes to sync.

Just added such a feature to my app. I have a link to more detailed information that I needed to prevent users from accessing in a particular, rather unusual situation, because the displayed data would not be correct. In that case I make the action invalid (as you explained) and also grey it out to indicate that it cannot be used.

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Another way to create a “passive” action is like LINKTOROW([KeyColumn],“DetailView”). When you are already in that record/detail view, affect is the same… just a small flash.